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About The Magna Kultura Articles In This Site

The articles and insights posted in this site contain the programs and advocacies by Magna Kultura Foundation.  Magna Kultura Foundation is an arts and cultural organization NGO implementing educational, cultural, and socio-civic programs at the grassroots of society; supporting civic groups and organizations with social entrepreneurial skills and capabilities to improve the well-being Filipino citizens and communities.

Magna Kultura Foundation conducts cultural programs in engaging sector-communities, such as: art activities. stage productions, indigenous sports events, and other socio-civic activities; as well, as corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with direct linkages to city-districts.

Magna Kultura specializes in developing community engagement campaigns that connects with various sector organizations, like village-community associations, school and universities, transport organizations, and civic organizations.

The foundation was established on June 2, 2003 by Dickie Aguado.

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